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Welcome to Nairobi Jaffery Academy secondary section. The secondary section caters for students aged between 11 and 18 years. It is divided into two sub-sections. The middle school and the senior school further divided into IGCSE and A-Level

 The Lower Secondary: The lower secondary bridges the gap between primary and upper Secondary. It commences once a student has successfully completed year 6 and proceeds to year 7. These preparatory years are 7 to 9 years, which set a firm foundation for students before they proceed for their IGCSES.
  During the middle school years students are exposed to a broad variety of subjects: Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, French, Swahili, Arabic, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, History, Business Studies, Economics, Art and Design, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Physical Education and PSHE. The breadth of subjects in year 9 allow students to experience each subject before they make their IGCSE choices towards the end of year 9, students are evaluated using International Examinations (the Checkpoints) where they are tested in three core subjects: Mathematics, English language and Science( a combination of Biology, Chemistry and Physics).
At this level, students appear for Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme (CLSP) Checkpoint  Examination. 

Upper Secondary : Upon successful completion of year 9 the students then proceed to year 10 which is the introductory phase of the senior school. At this level the students are prepared for their IGSCE which is a two year course. Depending on the students' choices of subjects at year 9, we are able to come up with their options from the five choices given (refer to the options booklet) English language, English literature, Mathematics and one foreign language are  the compulsory examinable subjects giving a total of eight/nine IGCSE subjects examined at the end of year 11. Our exams come from two examination bodies namely Cambridge International  Examination (CIE) and Edexcel.

A-Level: This comprises both year 12 (Advanced Subsidiary Level) AS-Level and year 13 (Advanced Level) A-Level after which the students proceed to universities across the globe. Students joining year 12 need a minimum of five C grades with the inclusion of Mathematics and English in IGCSE.We admit students with lower grades in both subjects only if they intend to re-take. Students opt for four subjects at this level which should be geared towards defined career path.
 Students will drop one subject after appearing for the AS Examination at the end of year 12 and will proceed on with three subjects in year 13. At both levels due to the wide subject choice, teachers instruct smaller groups hence facilitating individualized attention. The subjects we offer at these levels are: - Additional Mathematics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, History, Geography, Sociology, Bussiness Studies, Economics, Accounting, Literature in English, Islamic Religious Education, Physical Education, Applied (ICT) Information and Communication Technology.
Form four students from the Kenyan 8.4.4 system may join the A-Level after completing KCSE Examination. It is mandatory that they should have at least a mean grade of a C+ and because they join us sometime in January or February, they will sit for a full A-Level course at the end of year 13.



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