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Cambridge curriculum

Nairobi Junior School introduced the Cambridge curriculum in 2014. This programme is for young learner aged 5 to 11 years that combine award class curriculum, high quality support for teachers and integrated assessment for Maths. Science and English

At  the  end  of  grade  6  learners  sit  for  the  Cambridge  Primary  check  Point Examinations.



The curriculum is divided into two sections. Key stage 1- Grade 1& 2

Key stage 2- Grade3-6 Attainment Level

The highest level is level 6 and the lowest is level 3.

Attributes of a Cambridge learner


Cambridge primary Math curriculum is designed to prepare pupils for smooth transition to lower and senior secondary classes. It equips the learner with the basic skills to calculate, analyze and problem solve using concrete concepts. Cambridge primary curriculum is divided into four strands namely; Number and number system, Measurement, Geometry, Handling data and problem solving. All these strands are organized in a spiral curriculum model to make sure there is a smooth transition of concept and skill over the stage and between the years.

The following are some of the activities we do in school to improve Mathematics learning process:

1.            Internal Multiplication table challenge

2.            Annual international schools Math’s challenge

3.            Incorporating ICT in learning Mathematics.

4.            Weekly multiplication practice



The Cambridge Science curriculum provides a comprehensive set of progressive learning objectives for science. The objectives detail what the learner should know or should be able to do in science each year of primary education. The curriculum is dedicated to developing learners who are confident, responsible, innovative and engaged. The curriculum is presented in four content areas: scientific enquiry, biology, physics and chemistry. Scientific enquiry is about considering ideas, evaluating evidence, planning investigative work and recording and analyzing data. The scientific enquiry objectives underpin Biology, Chemistry and Physics which are focused on developing confidence and interest in scientific knowledge. Environmental awareness and some history of science are also incorporated. The primary Science curriculum provides a solid foundation upon which the later stages of education can be built.

Learners’ prepare for and attempt the Cambridge checkpoint exams at Grade 6. A detailed report is prepared by Cambridge examiners panel and given to every candidate.

Learners look forward to the Annual Innovators Week and participate in it with enthusiasm. This is scheduled for 7th to 11th October 2019 this term. Learners will be working in groups of three and four’s to present their innovations, experiments or presentations. Parents are requested to support the learners as they prepare for this event.



The linguistics department comprises of the following subjects: English, French, Arabic and Kiswahili. The strands examined in these subjects include: Reading and Comprehension, Writing and Grammar.

The various languages offered aim to enhance the learners’ ability to communicate and interact on the global platform effectively. In the competitive world we’re in today, being multi lingual is a major advantage and gives an edge to our learners.

English is examined at grade 6 as a checkpoint exam. The emphasis is to enhance articulate, confident learners who can express their thoughts and ideas both verbally and in writing. Our learners have consistently posted sterling performance which is commendable.

We have 3 major activities in the school calendar. Every year, we hold Inter House Spelling Bee and Grammar competitions where learners from the various houses showcase their prowess. Thereafter, we have Interschool competitions where we face off with other international schools. We also hold the Annual Readers Digest Week every year. This is geared towards inculcating a reading culture among the learners. Since we’re a Leader in me school, the activities are learner led.

We encourage children to borrow books from our library. There are a variety of books from both fiction and non-fiction genres. We believe that good readers become great leaders.



At Nairobi Jaffery, we aim to give our children a humanities curriculum which enables them to become confident, creative and independent learners who can explore the use of different knowledge and skills throughout topical learning. We broaden children’s real-life experiences both inside and outside of school through educational visits exploration and discovery. Within lessons, our children acquire a range of knowledge and skills in both history and geography which they can then apply to other subjects and in a variety of situations. We have integrated Kenyan system (social ethics topics) to our history and geography curriculum.

Other humanities related subjects are ART, Islamic Religious Education and Physical Education. Global Perspective Curriculum has also been introduced to accommodate the non-Muslims in the school. Heroes Day (Mashujaa Day), will be the commemoration of some of the heroes who fought for independence in our country. We therefore look forward to having a vibrant learning atmosphere with our learners throughout the year.



The Physical Education department offers engaging, fun and competitive sports activities in junior school. Through this our learners are able to acquire virtues such as team workmanship, respect and appreciation of individual differences. The learners are also taught to live the 7 habits of a happy child during all P.E lessons. During the course, the learners are engaged in various competitive and non- competitive physical activities which give them a good flat form for psychomotor learning. Some of the sporting activities that we offer range from team to individual sports like Swimming, Cricket, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Athletics and our annual inter house sports day and swimming gala.

This year we have also introduced an extra thematic GAMES LESSON whereby our learners are allowed to don their favorite world cup team jerseys every Friday.



Life-skills has been embraced as a subject that is important to the day to day life of every member of the society and more so for our children who are growing up to be responsible citizens.

This term the children have learnt very interesting topics such as: Personal Hygiene, Toilet   Manners, Cleanliness and Reactions towards Strangers.

These are just but a glimpse as we initialize this learning process. We delve to make this learning as fun as possible. Some of the ideas discovered and used so far include watching films and to be practical of what they have watched.

Teachers have also engaged in role play to expound on the essence of the life-skill. The children have enjoyed this far.

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